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Revisado en México el 22 de marzo de 2020
First of all I want to make it clear that I am a star wars fan, but of those who are not against the new stories, I loved rebels, rogue one is very good and they have only defended themselves although tabien is a little lazy.

But this last trilogy is FATAL and this last movie is ABOMINABLE.
He leaves more questions than answers, he says goodbye to so many wonderful characters and in such bad ways that they are sad.

If I start to say everything that is wrong I honestly never end.
But let's talk about the most ridiculous:
-Armitage hux spy? his reasons, I don't want kylo ren to win !! what??
-Ray, she had enough of a little training to become almost a goddess of force who could have become empress !! osea sidius had to learn for years and she just woke up one day and is the greatest thing that has happened to her by force, she controls minds, throws lightning bolts, she has a super sixth Jedi sense and she has HEALING POWERS, she only needs to throw laser your eyes and freeze with your breath
-kylo ren osea how many times he was asked to be good suddenly he loses against ray his han appears, that nobody tells us where he comes from or if he is not a ghost in the force, but he appears and convinces him to become good, so just 3 minutes and zaz is good, says dad and throws his red saber
- The emperor bone this dude is suddenly dying and what a coincidence two super powerful jedis arrive, but that in front of a dying sith they cannot be more than insects and apart from what coincidence he can take life from them so he absorbs their energy and does everything powerful and begins to throw rays TO THE SKY, which is not the most surprising if not that with its rays it begins to destroy ALL of its enemies, but when those rays that brought down my ships are focused on ray for all rays with its saber, so WHAT? oh and so the WORST ENEMY SITH dies, the most evil and powerful dude, with his rays bounced by a saber -.-, so suddenly he is gone and the war and everything is over !!
BUM! Everyone happy; well less ben because he sacrifices himself to save ray and there with the death of ben the SKYWALKERs end there ah well but they do not end because ray decides not to be a palpatine, so just by his desire he says I am SKYWALKER then he dies lineage but does not die.

I'm sorry but I must say it:
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